Host a Summer Institute

Each summer, hundreds of educators gather to learn about and delve deeper into the Developmental Designs approach. Developmental Designs institutes are held throughout the U.S. and attended by educators around the globe!


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What is an Institute?

Certified Developmental Designs facilitators come to your site to lead workshops for teachers in your professional network. Up to 8 workshops are held concurrently during the week.  

How many educators attend?

We plan that 50 to 100 educators will attend each Institute.

Why host an Institute?

FOREFRONT:  By hosting a Developmental Designs Summer institute, you will establish your school as a leader in promoting social-emotional learning and equity for education. Your school will gain national recognition as we promote the institute.

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NETWORK:  As more and more educators in your community practice the Developmental Designs approach, your own support system grows. In the future, you can partner with other schools in your area to host follow-up workshops to refine your practices.

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INCENTIVES:  The more educators who attend an institute, the more host incentives you can earn to support and further Developmental Designs practices in your school.

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