Dennis Morolda

Dennis Morolda


M 609-227-9404 | O 612-822-3422

In my fourteen years as a school leader at the elementary and middle school levels, I have learned the importance of a strong commitment to investing in people and building relationships with students, staff and community members. Team building and strengthening relationships are essential to maintaining a safe and positive learning community. I believe in strong collaborative leadership with an emphasis on investing whole-heartedly in individual stakeholders. 


My philosophy aligns with the idea that a successful school offers opportunities for staff members to participate in differentiated professional learning opportunities, connects it's efforts in support of the goals of the organization and surrounding community as well as engages and empowers team members to be an integral part of the process. If these can be accomplished in a safe environment that fosters responsible independence and pride in self and school, members of the school community will have an enriching and positive experience.


Partnering with The Origins Program will allow me to share the Developmental Designs approach with students, educational professionals, and communities on the East Coast of the United States.