Jitendrapal Kundan

photo of Jit kundan

Executive Director


"Inclusion – come, imagine inclusion to be a transformative verb: practice, where teachers facilitate opportunities for all voices and perspectives to be heard not merely all types of students gathered in one space as a herd.

 The Origins Program serves as a platform for me to move and push Inclusion in our school systems from passively taking up “noun” space to be a very important “verb and noun” in our nations schools.  Currently we continue to practice misguided notions of Inclusion: Common space and place where all types of students attend school together  – Inclusion as a noun.

 Through the Origins Program, I get to help our teachers/leaders move from representational or noun sense of inclusion to significantly make opportunities for different voices and perspectives to be heard in our classrooms/schools.   Together we get to create student centered, culturally rich, accurate and complete resource rich experiences with and for our students with past, current and future contexts and perspectives through actively facilitating student voice and perspectives continually – this is inclusion as a verb and noun. Exciting journey, useful work that is pro all races, origins, empathy, self-regulation skills, learning styles, abilities, gender continuum and orientations."

To learn more about Jitendrapal Kundan's background go to:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jitendrapal-kundan-02385416