Activators, Classroom Strategies for Engaging Students

Classroom Strategies for Engaging Students

by Nicole Frazier, Donna Mehle, Carol Ann Tomlinson
Middle Level - Senior High

 Activators has a bounty of purposeful social interaction ideas, which support students to develop quality responses to content and ideas while engaging with peers.

Several content area examples for English-Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages accompany each Activator. The ELA and Math content examples are aligned to Common Core Content Standards for grades 6-12


  • increase emotional, cognitive, and behavioral engagement in learning.
  • incorporate individual think time with purposeful social interaction
  • generate connections to prior knowledge
  • provide students with opportunities to practice skills and deepen understandings 
  • increase engagement by providing a way to fulfill student needs for relationship and fun


Engaging Schools (formerly Educators for Social Responsibility)
23 Garden Street Cambridge, MA 02138
ISBN 9978-0-942349-71-9

Middle Level – Senior High
242 pages