Classroom Discipline Set

Classroom Discipline + Study Guide Set

Classroom Discipline Set

by Linda Crawford, Christopher Hagedorn, and The Origins Program
For Middle Level • Grades 5-9, with application to high school


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Guiding Adolescents to Responsible Independence

  • Build a climate for reduced rule breaking
  • Address small problems before they become big ones
  • Proactively manage behavior with engaging instruction
  • Redirect rule breaking with minimal escalation and maximum relationship 

304 pages, soft cover
2009, The Origins Program
ISBN: 978-0-938541-13-4


Enrich your team and staff meetings and put into practice methods that encourage students to manage their own behavior.

  • Nine easy-to-lead meetings
  • Detailed leader instructions including sample language, daily news messages, 
    and greeting, sharing, and discussion formats
  • Clear reading assignments and text-interaction formats
  • Small-group discussion formats to encourage lively conversation and deeper reading

84 pages, soft cover
2012, The Origins Program
ISBN 978-0-938541-18-9