Classroom Discipline Study Guide

Classroom Discipline Study Guide
by Origins
For Middle Level

Classroom DisciplineFor use with Classroom Discipline: Guiding Adolescents to Responsible Independence



The Study Guide supports working with colleagues to implement the behavior management practices of Classroom Discipline. Educators can work together to guide students incrementally toward the emotional, social, and academic skills necessary for successful self-management. Sample Meeting Seven: Redirecting

The Classroom Discipline Study Guide includes:

  • Nine meeting outlines that explore the practical strategies introduced in Classroom Discipline
  • A special section on addressing bullying
  • Detailed leader instructions including sample language, welcome messages, and greeting and discussion formats
  • Clear reading assignments and text-interaction formats
  • Small-group discussion formats to support lively conversation and text exploration
  • Reflection structures to close each meeting
  • Follow-up suggestions
  • Modeling and Practicing Classroom Routines DVD viewing instructions

Table of Contents

Getting Started: Meeting Roles and Structure
Meeting One: Introducing Responsible Independence
Meeting Two: Teacher Mindset and Skills
Meeting Three: Establishing Relationships
Meeting Four: Establishing Purposes and Agreements
Meeting Five: Living Our Agreements in Daily Routines
Meeting Six: Engaging Students
Meeting Seven: Redirecting
Meeting Eight: Problem-solving
Meeting Nine: Aggressive Behavior and Bullying
Appendix A: Addressing Aggressive Behavior and Bullying
Appendix B: Student Survey about Aggressive Behavior and Bullying
Appendix C: Discussion and Group Formats

This book reflects the foundational beliefs and practices of the Developmental Designs approach to integrated social and academic learning for adolescents.

2012, The Origins Program, 84 pages, paper
ISBN 978-0-938541-18-9