Kids Taking Action

Kids Taking Action book cover

Community Service Learning Projects, K-8

by Pamela Roberts
For Middle Level & Elementary • K-8

Kids Taking Action highlights eighteen exciting CSL projects from diverse K-8 classrooms across the country. Written in a lively, engaging style, these profiles of hands-on, kid-friendly projects offer teachers great ideas to use or adapt with their own students. In addition, Kids Taking Action presents a helpful resource list and practical tips on how to find and implement CSL projects.

"This book will be of value for all teachers and administrators and makes an important contribution to the field of community service learning. It showcases CSL at its best, tracing real teachers at work in real classrooms. And what's more, it's enjoyable to read."
–Sheldon Berman, EdD, Superintendent of Schools, Hudson, Massachusetts

Table of Contents

About Community Service Learning

        What is Community Service Learning?
        Benefits of Community Service Learning
        Types of Community Service Learning Projects
        Steps in Doing a Community Service Learning Project
        Questions and Concerns
Five Projects In-Depth
        The Dog Poop Project
        The Bus Bully Project
        Wetlands as Classroom and Service Opportunity
        Biographies of Nursing Home Residents
        Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF
Thirteen Projects At-A-Glance
        Quilt Project
        Heifer Project
        Visits to an Alzheimer's Unit
        Vegetable Garden
        Water Testing
        Coral Transplant Project
        Books on Tape
        Bias in Literature
        Salmon Restoration
        Student-Run Business
        Multi-Site Community Service Learning
        Voter Registration and Awareness Drive
        Hunger Awareness
Community Service Learning Resources

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2002, 129 pages, paper
ISBN: 1-892989-07-7