Learning Targets

Learning Targets

Helping Students Aim for Understanding in Today’s Lesson

by Connie M. Moss and Susan M. Brookhardt
For Middle Level

Learning Targets is a theory of action that students, teachers, principals, and central-office administrators can use to unify their efforts to raise student achievement and create a culture of evidence-based, results-oriented practice.

Learning Targets:

  • provides strategies for designing learning targets that promote higher-order thinking and foster student goal setting, self-assessment, and self-regulation
  • explains how to design a strong performance of understanding, an activity that produces evidence of students' progress toward the learning target
  • shows how to use learning targets to guide summative assessment and grading
  • presents simple ways to use learning targets to differentiate instructions
  • includes several teacher friendly action tools such as a classroom walk-through guide, and teacher self-assessment look-fors