Lively Learning

Lively Learning book cover

Using the Arts to Teach the K-8 Curriculum

by Linda Crawford
For Middle Level & Elementary • K-8

"The arts offer students a wide range of ways to explore and understand concepts, master content, memorize facts, solve problems, and express important thoughts and deep feelings about the world. The arts make facts and figures lively and help the abstract take on shape and color."
     –from the introduction to Lively Learning

In Lively Learning, long-time educator Linda Crawford offers practical suggestions for bringing the arts into the daily life of the classroom. Written for all classroom teachers, including those without a background in the arts, Lively Learning will help teachers gain comfort with five art forms—drawing, music, movement, theater, and poetry writing—and integrate those art forms into reading, writing, social studies, science, and math. The book includes a sample lesson plan for each content area and a comprehensive resource list.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Arts Throughout the Day
Chapter 1: Accessible and Alive--Six Good Reasons for Using the Arts to Teach Curriculum
Chapter 2: Creating a Safe Environment for Arts-Integration
Chapter 3: Getting Comfortable with Drawing
Chapter 4: Getting Comfortable with Music
Chapter 5: Getting Comfortable with Movement
Chapter 6: Getting Comfortable with Theater
Chapter 7: Getting Comfortable with Poetry
Chapter 8: Introduction to Planning the Arts-Integrated Lesson
Chapter 9: Using the Arts to Teach Reading
Chapter 10: Using the Arts to Teach Writing
Chapter 11: Using the Arts to Teach Social Studies
Chapter 12: Using the Arts to Teach Science
Chapter 13: Using the Arts to Teach Math
Chapter 14: Imaginative Understanding--Learning as a Creative Act

Northeast Foundation for Children, 2004, 184 pages, paper
ISBN: 1-892989-11-5