Teaching for Equity

Teaching for Equity cover
by Linda Crawford and Chip Wood
• For Elementary Grades

Think back to what made learning meaningful to you.

Maybe a teacher tapped into one of your strengths—like having a good ear for rhyme—to teach you word families.

Sitting by your side, maybe she unlocked the mystery of multiplying by seven.

Maybe he associated content with something special to you, be it football, double dutch, or Legos®!

• Decades of teaching
• Research
• Classroom implementation

“Here’s a vital book on a critical topic by two of our wisest, most experienced and devoted educators. New standards and more testing will not cure education’s ills. But by building “relational trust,” teachers, leaders, students, and families can return our schools to full health. This book is just what the doctor ordered.”
author of Healing the Heart of Democracy,
The Courage to Teach,
and Let Your Life Speak

• Lessons
• Student profiles
• Project plans
• Daily schedules
• Activities and more!

“Teaching for Equity cuts right to the heart of good teaching: relationships.
Chip Wood and Linda Crawford take us back to the true basics, that teachers must know the children they teach and ways to engage them. And they help us to do that, with the seven strands in this book. Their emphasis on personalizing learning, with their practical guide to help teachers in listening and observing, in understanding what the child understands, and in reaching out to families, offers us a real opportunity to transform teaching and learning.”
Distinguished Singleton
Professor Emerita,
Coastal Carolina University,
and president, still learning, inc.

How does a teacher reach a student?
By knowing a lot about that student, what he or she is ready to learn, and how he or she is most likely to learn.

Teaching for Equity returns teaching and learning to the primary relationships between you and the student, student and student, school and family.

Celebrate the strength that comes from a diverse classroom and community and regards each child as an individual and able learner. 

Assess the needs and interests of your students so you can better design the rhythm of the day’s activities to optimize learning (and enjoyment of learning) for them.

Weave Personalized Learning, Whole-Class Learning, and Productive Learning Partners into the rhythm of each day.

Frame your curriculum through Personalized Learning so that students can master the skills and content knowledge they need to grow from success to success.

Teaching for Equity is designed so you can pick from a broad array of practices and choose where to begin making changes that will leverage learning in ways that you can manage.

Table of Contents
Chapter One: A Call to Teach for Equity
Chapter Two: Families First
Chapter Three: Personalized Learning
Chapter Four: Personalizing 
Whole Class Learning
Chapter Five: Managing the Learning Day
Chapter Six: Resources

The Origins Program, 2014,
192 pages, soft cover
ISBN: 978-0-938541-24-0


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