Total Participation Techniques

Total Participation Techniques

Making Every Student an Active Learner

by Persida Himmele and William Himmele
For Middle Level & High School • Grades K-12

Total Participation Techniques presents dozens of ways to engage K 12 students in active, minds on learning that allow them to demonstrate the depth of their knowledge and understanding.

The authors explain both the why and the how of Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) as they explore the high cost of student disengagement, place TPTs in the context of higher-order thinking and formative assessments, and demonstrate how to create a TPT-conducive classroom. 

Readers will learn how to implement techniques they can use:

on the spot

  • Quick-Draws
  • Quick-Writes
  • Chalkboard Splash

with Hold-Up cards

  • True/Not True
  • Selected Response

with movement

  • Bounce Cards
  • Line-Up

as a to guide note-taking and concept analysis

  • Picture Notes
  • 3-Sentence Wrap-U
  • Debate Team Carousel