Tried and True for Elementary

Games, Greetings, Shares, and Affirmations

Games, Greetings, Shares, and Affirmations

by The Origins Program
For • Pre-K - 6th

Students love them!  Game books abound, but this one’s different. These activities are the winners that teachers (and students!) love the best. The ones they use over. The no-fail fun providers even when skies are gloomy or standardized tests are looming.

Refresh and refocus throughout the day

  • Build trust and ease transitions with games (some active, some quiet)
  • Include everyone through greetings (fast, creative community-builders)
  • Practice public speaking and conversation starters with sharing ideas (pro-social ways for students to get to know each other)
  • Affirm learning with affirmations and cheers (interactive fun that builds mutual respect)
  • Blank pages to add your own games and greetings

Tried and True for Elementary is comprised of the games, greetings, shares, and affirmations that experienced teachers of elementary students have found to be community-buildin favorites. These are the ones they use over and over because they are no-fail fun-providers and friendship-builders, even on gray Monday mornings or when standardized tests are looming.

The Power of Relationship
Games infuse the community with the positive power of play. Greeting each other by name shows that we all belong. Sharing is the way people get acquainted on a personal level and discover commonalities.  Affirmations reinforce individuals and the group for persevering or for trying something new. These social activities glue the group together in a community committed to shared success.

A Way to Help Young People Step Up and Lead
The instructions on these pages are easy to follow. They are designed to empower leaders of community-building activities with one successful experience after another. Try variations of your own. Use the blank pages provided to add more games, greetings, sharing formats, and affirmations that your class enjoys.

2020, The Origins Program, 96 pages, paper (Spiral bound)


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