About Developmental Designs for Elementary

Though no two children are exactly alike, one thing is certain: elementary children have much to learn, and much of their success depends on the environment in which they are given to explore, discover, and make connections in their world. As an educator, you know there is a critical need to create a just and equitable place for children to engage in learning—a place that creates strength from the diversity in the classroom/school community and regards each child as an individual, able learner.

The Origins Program has a powerful collection of teaching practices to help elementary staff work together to achieve education equity and excellence in their classrooms. Developmental Designs for Elementary: Teaching for Education Equity practices—based on research and strengthened by developmentally responsive teaching strategies—present a personalized learning approach to help your staff better connect with students, address children’s specific strengths and needs, and help students develop essential cognitive and social-emotional skills. These practices also help build trust among the adults in the school and with families.

Developmental Designs for Elementary, a four-day(or eight-week evenings) workshop, which has been expanded, was co-developed by The Origins Program founder Linda Crawford and The Origins Program fellow Chip Wood (author of Yardsticks and co-founder of The Responsive Classroom) focuses on the seven strands of practices:

  • Power of Play
  • Teacher integrity
  • Community Circles
  • Equitable Discipline
  • Personalized learning
  • Enhanced communication
  • Relationship-driven teaching
  • Empowering Teacher Language
  • Engaged whole-class learning
  • Attuned student-teacher relationships
  • Relational trust among adults, including student families

The cost for individual registration is $729, these workshops are an economical way for elementary teachers, teacher leaders, school administrators, specialists, and advocates to learn specific techniques and practices they can use to create classrooms where all students are given the opportunity to thrive—and the payoff is wide reaching.

Developmental Designs for Elementary: Teaching for Education Equity joins The Origins Program’s collection of trusted, respected, and effective workshops, consulting services, and resources—all created to help educators achieve equitable and quality education for all. For more information about any of our services, please contact The Origins Program at 612-822-3422.


Jit Kundan
Executive Director

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