Developmental Designs Workshop Endorsements

"Our facilitator was outstanding. She allowed us to meet our needs by giving us a say in what we accomplished. I loved having new ideas presented."
—Middle-level teacher

"I learned new ways to have students partner up and be engaged, ways to bring movement and games into science class, and ways to remodel "sticky situations" after the start of the school year."
—High school teacher, Hudson, MA

"The information from this workshop makes your job easier. It is a lot of work up front, but sets up the remainder of the year so well that your issues in the classroom are minimalized."
—Middle-level language arts teacher, MA

"After this workshop, I will...

  • Continue my quest to improve my teacher language
  • Incorportate cheers and acknowledgments into my classroom activities
  • Be more thorough in teaching routines to students
  • Increase the amount of reflection in my classes"

—Middle-level teacher, Fitchburg, MA

"I learned a lot of new strategies to take back to school and had a blast!"
—Middle-level teacher, Fitchburg, MA