Advisory Book Study Launch


This workshop is intended for groups of educators who will be reading and studying The Advisory Book with the companion Study Guide.


Launch your use of The Advisory Book Study Guide with a skilled Origins consultant, expert in Developmental Designs Circle of Power and Respect and Activity Plus advisory meetings and knowledgeable in the Guide format. The consultant will answer preliminary questions about the advisory meeting formats and guide teachers through a sample Circle of Power and Respect meeting. 

During this workshop, your study group will:

  • Experience a community building Circle of Power and Respect meeting
  • Become familiar with the Circle of Power and Respect and Advisory Plus meeting components
  • Get oriented to the meeting format in The Advisory Book Study Guide
  • Launch its study of The Advisory Book by completing at least two of the nine professional development sessions


This half-day workshop can be scheduled to correlate with a professional development day at your school. In addition to the cost of this workshop, your school will need to purchase one copy of The Advisory Book and The Advisory Book Study Guide for each participant.


Consulting Teachers

Consulting teachers who provide on-site workshops and staff meeting support have all successfully used the strategies they teach and demonstrate. They have been extensively trained and are nationally certified to facilitate Developmental Designs workshops, and are skilled in helping educators reach their goals.