Classroom Discipline Study Launch


Target your school, your staff, your students, we'll get you started

Prepare students to manage their own behavior and bring in a trained facilitator to launch your study. Working as a staff, dig into Classroom Discipline and its study guide with fully-developed discussions perfectly timed for staff meetings.

Why launch with an expert:
  • Includes two facilitator-led PD meetings covering the first two chapters
  • Previews modeling behavior to use with students
  • Shows how to integrate the book study into your team times and staff meetings
  • Takes place right at your school, so you can TRAIN YOUR STAFF ALL AT ONCE
Why a book study:
  • Nine fully-developed meeting outlines
  • Clear reading assignments and directed discussions
  • Detailed leader instructions and language
  • Structured format that teachers can enrich with their thoughts and perspectives


Designed for groups of educators reading and studying
Classroom Discipline with its companion Study Guide

Classroom Discipline Study Guide

               See inside a chapter

Classroom Discipline
See inside a chapter

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Schedule this half-day workshop to correlate with a professional development day at your school.

In addition to the cost of this workshop, your school will need to purchase one copy of Classroom Discipline  and Classroom Discipline Study Guide for each participant.

Contact Sharon to learn more.

Consulting Teachers

Your on-site Classroom Discipline workshop is lead by a consulting teacher who is skilled at helping educators reach their goals.

Each consulting teacher has:
  • Directly worked with students using the strategies they teach and demonstrate
  • Received national certification to facilitate Developmental Designs social-emotional learning workshops