Coaching teachers, like coaching athletes, is designed to help people get better at what they do.  Knowledgeable coaching reinforces what's going well and helps teachers, school leaders, and students be more successful.  The effective coach is your on-site ally, an experienced partner who helps bridge the gap between training and daily performance.


In the classroom

Consulting teachers plan with teachers, do demonstration lessons, observations, and consultations right in the classroom. They partner with teachers to help them implement the practices that will increase student social skills, build community, and smooth the way to engaged learning. Consulting teachers work with high-implementing teachers to assist them in becoming peer coaches for the school staff.

Outside the classroom

Consulting teachers support the entire school. They offer ideas for creating expectations for behavior in the hallways, cafeteria, and playground, and other common areas. They meet with principals to set goals and plan initiatives. They work with parents, guardians, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, and other non-classroom personnel to create a healthy climate for learning. They assist the entire community in establishing guidelines for healthy interactions among adults as well as students.

Consulting Teachers

Consulting teachers who work as on-site school coaches have all successfully used in their own classrooms the strategies they teach. They have been extensively trained and are nationally certified to facilitate Developmental Designs workshops, and are highly skilled in helping educators reach their goals.