Focused Follow-up Workshops


To support professional growth in the Developmental Designs  approach after in-depth Developmental Designs training, on-site coaches offer follow-up meetings and workshops tailored to individual schools' needs, as well as standard workshops.


Developmental Designs
Focused Follow-up Workshops

Prerequisite for all workshops:
Developmental Designs 1 or 2


Getting the Most from Your Advisory

Reflect on your current experiences with Advisory (CPR and A+) and review scaffolding strategies for helping students with the skills necessary for a successful meeting. Learn more greetings, sharing formats, and activities to use with students. Additional topics for this workshop can include: using the Daily News to teach vocabulary, Activity Plus (A+) in content areas, and Student-led CPR.

ESTABLISHING and Maintaining Effective Routines

Learn how to establish classroom routines that run smoothly. Gain strategies for maintaining routines, so they function all year long. 

Structuring Social Interaction

Learn how to skillfully structure student interaction to enhance teaching and learning, including partner, small group work, and routines for managing classroom conversations.

Reviving Your empowering language

Review and practice the five types of Empowering Language and reflect on your current implementation. Create a plan for growing one area of your language. 

Creating Adult Agreements

Begin establishing a healthy adult community by collaboratively creating staff agreements with your colleagues.

Consulting Teachers

Consulting teachers who provide on-site workshops and staff meeting support have all successfully used the strategies they teach and demonstrate. They have been extensively trained and are nationally certified to facilitate Developmental Designs workshops, and are skilled in helping educators reach their goals.