Support for School Leaders


Effective leadership is supported by partnership with an experienced, skilled consultant who is committed to the successful growth of the school.


Consulting teachers can assist school leaders in planning for implementation issues such as:

  • the first six weeks of school
  • goals and next steps
  • staff agreements for establishing a healthy adult community
  • protocols for arrival, dismissal, breakfast, lunch, hallway movement, playground, discipline, and other school wide routines
  • school-wide discipline policy
  • school-wide events
  • general support for full implementation

Staff meeting facilitation

Consulting teachers can help school leaders plan a staff meeting to address a specific issue or to do professional development around a specific topic. The consulting teacher can lead part or all of the meeting, especially when a main topic is related to school climate, such as student social skills, behavior management, or engagement in learning; or the consultant can assist in using a Circle of Power and Respect, or Activity Plus format to structure the meeting, and can lead a greeting or an activity to enliven the gathering.

School-wide routines

Consulting teachers can help work out issues such as problems in the lunchroom, arrival and dismissal, or passing through the halls.  School-wide issues can usually be addressed using  Developmental Designs practices.

Talks to the wider school community

Consulting teachers can give a talk to families, guardians, and other community members about the principles and practices of Developmental Designs approach as they are applied in school or as they might be used at home.  Consultants can talk about the research that underlies the approaches, results in the school so far, child development or behavior management. They can talk to bus drivers about ways to establish a good climate on the bus, or numerous other topics useful to a particular school.

Consulting Teachers

Consulting teachers have all successfully used in their own classrooms the strategies they teach and demonstrate.  They have been extensively trained and are nationally certified to facilitate Developmental Designs workshops, and are skilled in helping educators reach their goals.