Technology-enhanced Coaching


Technology-enhanced coaching has the same purposes as on-site coaching: to provide support to educators in implementing the strategies learned in the Developmental Designs workshops.  In addition, technology-enhanced coaching reduces costs and increases the number of teachers who can benefit from classroom coaching.


Modern technology makes effective professional development possible even when the coach cannot be in the classroom.  Using the telephone, Skype, digital video recordings, and email communications, Developmental Designs coaches help teachers:

  • establish goals
  • plan lessons
  • execute lessons
  • debrief lessons

Teachers record lessons and discuss them with the coach in the same manner as they would if the coach had been in the classroom during the lesson. Teachers also gain additional insights when they review their teaching through the recordings.

Consulting teacher visits to school site

Technology-assisted coaching may be supplemented with on-site visits to provide additional perspectives on teachers' classroom practices, and to strengthen relationships between teachers and their coaches.

Consulting Teachers

Consulting teachers who use technology to assist teachers have the
same qualifications and are, in fact, usually the same people as The Origins Program's
on-site coaches. They have all successfully used in their own classrooms the
strategies they teach and demonstrate. They have been extensively coached and
are nationally certified to facilitate Developmental Designs workshops, and are skilled in helping educators reach their goals.