Alphabet Volleyball

For Middle Level & Elementary • K-6

Community Level 2 - Familiar

Materials: A volleyball, playground ball, or foam ball.

How To Play: The player chosen to be the leader hits the ball up in the air and all the players chant the letter "A." The next hit is "B" and so on. The goal is to successfully hit the ball into the air 26 consecutive times, calling out letters A through Z without letting the ball fall to the ground. A player may hit the ball more than once but not two times in a row. If the ball touches the ground the game starts again at A.

Plan for Success: When several failures occur stop and have the players discuss why they think this is happening and what they can do differently. You may also have to encourage them to loudly chant the alphabet to avoid falling into a soft mumble. The chanting is part of the group experience and helps reach the goal.

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