For Middle Level & Elementary • 4-6

Community Level 3 - Comfortable

Materials: None

How to Play:
Players stand in a circle with one person in the middle. The center player moves in front of a classmate (her choice).

Once in front of the classmate she touches a part of her own body while naming a different part. For example, the center player says, "This is my knee!" as she touches her ear.

The player in the outside circle reverses the part being named and touched. In this example, "This is my ear!" as he touches his knee.

If he correctly makes the reversal of body parts named and touched, the player in the center moves on to another player in the outside circle.

When a player in the outside circle makes a mistake (doesn't properly do the reversal), she becomes the player in the center. Players can be rotated at the teacher's discretion to get more players involved.

Plan for Success: Discuss what are appropriate body parts to name and touch in the game. Try a few rounds first and then discuss how things went. Some players will lose and have to go to the circle's center, so plan ahead for this.

Variations: Use a similar format for homophone, rhyming words, or countries and cities.

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