For Middle Level & Elementary

Materials: None

Four kinds of hits are singles, doubled, triples and home runs. The students will choose what kind of "hit" or greeting they will do. If they choose a single they will shake hands and greet by saying, "Good morning,____," to the person next to them, double will be two people down, triple will be three and home run will be four. The people they pass on the way to their hit will slap hands with them.

Once students have been greeted,they fold their hands in their laps and will not slap hands with the person who is greeting. You may chose to have those who have been greeted sit down. The game/greeting continues until everyone has been greeted.

Plan for Success: This game/greeting works well to mix up who students greet on a daily basis.

Variations:Other sports can also be used for this greeting such as football. For football students can choose a touchdown, field goal, safety, or two point conversion. This greeting would also work with basketball.

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