Bean Bag Toss

For Middle Level & Elementary

Community Level 2 - Familiar

Materials: 1-5 Bean Bags (soft ball or Frisbee for variations)

How To Play: One person starts by tossing the bean bag to someone after saying their name. The bean bag continues to get tossed around the circle, each time naming the student to whom it is tossed. The students must remember who they tossed the bag to and who they received it from. After everyone has been called, the first round is complete. Now the challenge is to continue the passing, duplicating the pattern of the first round. You can add bean bags and have several going at one time. During the initial toss, if a student has received the bean bag, they must put their hands behind their back to help signal who is remaining and so everyone can receive the bean bag.

Plan for Success: Model and practice a safe throw before playing the game. The objective is to go quickly and not have students pause as they search. Make sure students clearly say the name before tossing the bean bag.


  • Ball Toss: Follows the same steps except the student is greeted back before the ball is thrown.
  • Frisbee Greeting: Follows the same steps except a soft Frisbee is used instead of bean bags.
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