Education for Equity


activity | For Middle Level

Self Made Symphonies

Community Level 1 Materials: None or simple materials from the classroom Group Call and Response Begin in a circle...

Middle Level

product | For Middle Level • 5-9, with application to high school

A Leader’s Guide to Face to Face Advisories E-book

Start and Sustain School-wide Explorations of Culture

Take action for equity in your school with this guide to implement Face to Face Advisories

A Leader's Guide to Face to Face Advisories
product | For High School & Middle Level • Grade Levels 5-12

Face to Face Advisories

Bridging Cultural Gaps

Guide students through 125+ culturally responsive conversations, includes daily messages, greetings, share topics, robust and varied activities, and reflection questions to prompt development of social skills, critical thinking, and open discussion.
Face to Face Advisories Book
activity | For Middle Level • K-6


activity | For Middle Level

Empathy Talk Show

The Empathy Talk Show Game Community Level 1 Materials: None How to play: Group students in pairs. In each pair, one plays the role of a talk-show host...