Fact or Fiction

For Middle Level & Elementary


To practice content and to show what you know


  1. Students form groups of 3 to 5 members
  2. The leader poses a question
  3. One player prepares one true answer (fact) and two false answers (fiction)
  4. Other players in the group guess which one is the correct answer (fact)
  5. After the leader reveals the correct answer, a new group member is chosen to prepare a fact and 2 fictions in response to the leader's next question, and play continues

The leader may say:

  • What is the second stage of mitosis?

  • In what year did the U.S. enter WWII?

  • Name one character trait evident in the main character.


  • Instead of speaking, students may write guesses, with their reasons, on individual black or white boards or on paper.
  • The leader may pose a question to which there is more than one correct answer, and players write two facts and one fiction.

Books or other resources to confirm or clarify information

10-30 minutes, depending on how many questions are posed

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