For Elementary

Community Level 2 – Familiar

Materials: Kleenex for each student

Each student has a Kleenex. Fold it to look like a bowtie. 

Each time the “Woman” speaks, students hold Kleenex in their hair like a bow and speak in a high, squeaky voice.

Each time the “Bad Guy” speaks, students hold Kleenex like a moustache and speak in a low, gravelly voice.

When the hero speaks, students hold the Kleenex at their throat like a bowtie and speak in a hero voice.

Woman: "I can’t pay the rent.” 
Bad Guy: "You must pay the rent.” 
Woman: “I can’t pay the rent.” 
Bad Guy: “You must pay the rent.” 
Hero: “I’ll pay the rent.” 
Woman: “My hero.” 
Bad Guy: “Curses. Foiled again!” 

Thinking about today (last week, etc.), when did you feel like one of these characters in the melodrama? Speak in that voice and share your insights about the week so far. Examples: 
Woman voice: “I can’t figure out my homework.” 
Hero voice: “I helped a friend today.” 
Bad Guy voice: “I don’t want to clean my locker.”

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