Say Something

For Middle Level & Elementary


To discuss and create deeper understanding for a text while a class reads it together: most commonly used for processing


  1. In pairs, students read a section of a textbook, article, etc., and then each says something about what they just read. Speakers can make a personal connection, note something they found interesting or confusing, or a main point of the section.
  2. They continue to read and "say something" until they are finished with the reading. Stress that students should say one thing, not lots of things.

Students might say:
I think I know where this story is going-Marvin is going to get lost in the woods, I'll bet.

Yeah, and the author is setting things up for some stormy weather to make it scarier.

Audience Assessment
Each partner must contribute each time they pause to discuss.

The teacher guides what learners say during the reading, for example:
Predict something that you think will happen.

Say something that you want to remember about what you just read.

The structure can be used as a tool with small groups having each person say something at agreed upon intervals within the text.

Resources Needed
Text to read

10 minutes or more, depending on the length of the reading and how often students are asked to stop reading and say something


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Engaged Learning Strategies