Silent Birthday and other Line-ups

For Middle Level & Elementary

Community Level 2 - Familiar

Materials: none

How to Play: The students line up according to their birthdays without talking. The line starts with January and ends in December. Students should try to line up in order by month and day. When they have finished the birthday line up, starting with January, ask students to say the month and day in which they were born. This activity gives practice in problem-solving cooperatively.

Plan for Success: Before the game starts, brainstorm ways the students can communicate with one another without using their voices. They may suggest using their fingers, mouthing the words, miming, etc. Younger students may need to talk to each other during the line-up when they first try it. Model and have students practice how to line up. Discuss with students the fact they will sometimes be at the end of the line.

Variations: Line up (or circle up) according to one of the following: number of letters in your name, ABC order of first or last names, ABC order of vocabulary words, syllables (least to greatest) of given words, ordinal numbers, number of siblings, no talking, whispering, speaking a language besides English... the possibilities are endless. This is a fun way to end the day.

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