Think, Ink, Pair, Share

For Middle Level & Elementary

To engage learners in conversation; to scaffold speaking in large groups, especially for groups that are unwilling to or lacking confidence to speak in larger groups: most commonly used for processing


  1. Students think about a question or topic for 1-2 minutes
  2. Students write down their thoughts
  3. Students share with one or two partners about a given topic for a given amount of time (assign one partner to share first; be strict about time so each one gets an equal amount of sharing time)
  4. One student shares the small-group comments with the entire group

To set up the share:
Take 1 minute to think about and write down two ideas you have to improve writing in our school. After this, each partner will have 2-3 minutes to share ideas and answer questions from his or her partner.

Audience Assessment
Each student thinks and inks individually before sharing. Written notes can be collected.

Leave out the writing and students do Think, Pair, Share (with the class)

Resources Needed
Paper, pencil if doing Think, Ink, Pair, Share

6-10 minutes for Think, Ink, Pair, Share; quicker for Think, Pair, Share


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Engaged Learning Strategies