Yes, No, Black, or Blue

For Middle Level

Community Level 2 - Familiar

Materials: List of questions, premade (see examples below).

How To Play: Create two playing spaces by drawing an imaginary center line down the middle of the room. Separate the group into 2 or 3 teams. Each group forms a line on the same side of the center line. Leader asks a question to one player—the player at the front of her line. That player must answer immediately. Players may neither hesitate nor use the words yes, no, black, or blue in their answers or they go to the end of the line. Players who answer successfully are allowed to cross the center line, where they form a new line and wait to be asked another question. Leader moves from team to team, asking a question of the player in front of each line. In order to play fast enough to confuse players, leader should prepare a list of questions beforehand. As more and more players find ways to answer the questions without using the taboo words, they may join teammates on the other side of the boundary line. 

The group can decide to end the game at an arbitrary moment or when all players have successfully answered a question and crossed over the center line. 

Sample Questions:
Are you a teacher?
What color is the sky?
Will the Twins win the World Series?
A bit is what color?
Are you wearing shoes?
What color is a tomato?
Are you eating lunch today?
Do you have 10 fingers?
A penguin is black and what other color?
Do you have teeth?
What color is a banana?
The United States flag is red, white, and what other color?
Do birds fly?
Is ketchup red?
What color is ebony?
Doves are what color?
Do you like golf?
Can you ski?
What color is white paper?
What color are Sponge Bob’s square pants?
Is Patrick a starfish?
Is Charlie Brown really a great guy?
What is today’s date?
Can you belly dance?
What color is a blue jay?
Do you have red pajamas?
What color is a blackboard?
Is your hair green?
Can you ride a bike?

Plan for Success: Model how to answer questions immediately so players see the expected response time.

Variations: As players become familiar with the game, words like “maybe” and “perhaps” can be added to the list of unacceptable answers.

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