Getting Started with Developmental Designs ADVISORY Practices


2-day workshop

Community and trust don't occur just because we all come to school and everyone is following the schedule. They are built deliberately, piece by piece, out of every encounter between one person and another. Unlike chance encounters in the hall, or conversations at lunch, or even teacher-led classroom discussions, advisory provides a place where encounters can be carefully orchestrated. And, it's all in the structures. Learn the proven Developmental Designs advisory structures of the Circle of Power and Respect (CPR) and The Activity Plus (A+). These advisory meetings, when carefully implemented on a regular basis gives students an ongoing opportunity to build strong, trusting relationships with their peers and teachers.

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What to Expect

In this highly interactive learning opportunity, participants will:

*experience both CPR and A+ structures and their components
*learn about the frames of mind and skills that teachers need to successfully implement advisory
*learn how to structure advisories to connect students to school, to each other, and to the adults at school
*learn how to introduce and advance advisory activities appropriately to make students feel comfortable joining in
*learn how to support the academic day with intentional advisory content
*learn how to model and practice the life skills of respectful greeting, conversation, and cooperation

Materials that come with the workshop: The Advisory Book per participant