Graduate Credit

Requirements for Action Plan and Action Project

Graduate credit is available for 28 hour workshops (not one-day workshops), at additional cost.  Registration details are sent to participants via email after workshop registration is complete.

  • Attendance:  All workshop sessions
  • Reading: A book relevant to your week-long learning opportunity provided on the first day of the workshop, is included with your workshop fee.
  • Journaling: Journal entries are due during the week.  Journal entries may include:
    • reflections on philosophy and approaches learned in your workshop
    • reflections on your previous practice, class discussions, readings
    • plans for implementation of Developmental Designs practices in your own work

Action Plan (2 credit course)

Choose an issue you want to address to improve your teaching practice, and design an Action Plan that uses one or more Developmental Designs structures to address it.  Attend a preparatory meeting during the workshop week to hear detailed instructions on how to create your Action Plan, and to ask questions.  Hand in an Action Plan after the workshop week. If you print materials to hand in, do so in Times or Times Roman 12-point type.

Action Project (1 credit practicum)

The +1 credit is available only in addition to the 2 credits, not alone. 
Stay in touch with your assigned advisor as you implement your Action Plan.  Submit a final report on the results by mid-November.