Developmental Designs Self-coaching Guide

Developmental Designs Self-coaching Guide

Reflection, Feedback, and Strategies for High Student Engagement

by Todd Bartholomay, Erin Klug, Scott Tyink
For Middle Level • Grades 5-9, with application to high school


Burst Based on 10 Years

Ever wonder if your advisory
could be more engaging?
If your language
is empowering students?
Are you assuming too much?
Modeling too little?
Are you matching redirections
to students effectively?

Now you can explore these questions with confidence!

Gain practical coaching advice culled from more than 10 years of working with practitioners just like you. Examine your methods, see your strengths, find your gaps, and make a plan for growth.

This step-by-step guide features:

  • Reflection tool for each practice
  • Common barriers for teachers
  • Sample language for building endorsement and other best practices
  • Support strategies resources

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Introduction
Chapter Two: Mindsets Create the Tone of Teaching
Chapter Three: Advisory
   Reflecting on Advisory [download excerpt]
   Barriers to Advisory [download complete tool]
   Strategies for Advisory [download excerpt]
Chapter Four: Goal Setting and the Social Contract
Chapter Five: Modeling and Practicing
Chapter Six: Empowering Language
Chapter Seven: Pathways to Self-control

The Origins Program, 2014, 144 pages soft cover
ISBN: 978-0-938541-23-3