Developmental Designs for High School


Collaborate with a learning community. 

  • Creating a Supportive Community
  • Delivering Motivating Instruction 
  • Teaching Self-Control


Developmental Designs for High Schools was created specifically with 9-12th grade students in mind. Research shows that engagement in school begins to drop after 5th grade and continues through high school. 50% of students are either disengaged or actively disengaged (Gallup, 2015) by the time they leave high school.

Developmental Designs practices and principles are brain based and were created to engage students in high school classrooms in three important ways: Caring adult/student Community, Value and Engagement in Cognitive Learning for academic success and promoting proactive Social and Emotional Agency for all high school students as a necessary antidote for future achievements of their goals.

Creating a Supportive Community

• Discover how adolescents' developmental needs shape their learning

• Experience 4 important parts of an advisory program

• Learn ways to build and sustain effective learning community all day everyday

Delivering Motivating Instruction

• Learn the 10 ‘gold’ minutes for learning in each class period

• Experience several games, activities and brain breaks to energize and re-engage students

• Practice and build structures/routines to create effective social interaction

• Learn what research says about the most effective way to orchestrate a lesson

Teaching Self-Control

• Practice 5 types of teacher language that encourage as well as correct students – helps students see value in their interactions

• Learn the 4 needs that drive ALL student behavior

• Examine 3 structures to help students master learning routines

• Learn how to personalize discipline with dignity for every student

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What to Expect

Throughout this workshop, both new and seasoned educators experience personal and professional growth.

You'll find:

Affirmation - of the good practices you are already using

Solutions- for turning past classroom problems into future successes

Camaraderie-with fellow educators as you share ideas, get support for your challenges, and feel the power of community membership

An immersion experience-facilitators just don't talk about positive strategies; they model them. After you see the modeling, you'll have the chances to practice the strategies yourself.


After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with more detailed information about the schedule for your particular course.

Sample Schedule for the Four-Day Workshop

7:30 Seminar sessions

12:00 Recess and lunch

1:00 Seminar sessions

3:30 Closing

Sample Schedule for the Eight-Evening Workshop

4:30 Session starts

6:00 Dinner break

8:15 Closing

(During on-site workshops, this agenda can be customized to better fit your school schedule.)


Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided daily. Eight week evening workshops will include a meal.

Dietary restrictions? Please let us know when you register. If we cannot accommodate your needs, you may bring your own meals.

Lunch arrangements for on-site workshops will be subject to the school agreement.


You will receive a 28-hour certificate of attendance for participation in all workshop sessions.

Learn more about graduate credit.


All our facilitators are experienced practitioners who know the HIGH SCHOOL classroom. All have gone through an extensive and rigorous multi-year certification process. This process ensures that they are well practiced in using the Developmental Designs approach and skillful in teaching it to others.

Some facilitators work full-time for The Origins Program, doing professional development work year-round; others are HIGH SCHOOL classroom teachers who use the Developmental Designs approach in their own classrooms.

All share with you a commitment to fostering the well-being and academic growth of adolescents.