Fundamentals for Support Staff


One Day Professional Development

Great teachers + Great support staff = Students who excel

School support staff includes a variety of staff members who provide specialized instructional support, as well as assist students while they utilize school facilities. Support staff play a vital role in ensuring students are learning in a safe and supportive school environment. They include (but not limited to): guidance counselors, health care workers, media-center specialists, custodians and engineers, food service personnel and lunchroom supervisors, transportation workers, education and teaching assistants, speech pathologist, tutors and mentors, crossing patrol officers, child protection officers, cleaners, caretakers, parent support advisers, test/exam officers, school attendance staff, administrative assistants, secretaries, and academic and language intervention service assistants. 

  • Learn about the seven (7) Developmental Designs  foundational principles that lay the groundwork for student achievement
  • Gain insight into the five (5) developmental needs that drive ALL student behavior
  • Practice five (5) types of empowering language to use schoolwide that motivate as well as nurture students’ self-management
  • Experience and examine three (3) structures to help students master school routines

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